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Members Update

22-12-2006 af MeogmE/John

A couple of players has left, and a pair has joined.

We lost 12-8 to a pretty good polish clan

15-09-2006 af Jesper

Well a narrow defeat against a good polish clan is acceptable for tonight ... we will take our revenge on someone else shortly

Wouw ... we actually won again...

11-09-2006 af Jesper/Tecos

Another victory for our clan. This time against debutants from Venezuela - Fox Team. Some forfeits from their team helped us on the way, but both BirtheK and Cruzader secured victories for us.

DMT - DSD 16:4 first but not last victory

03-09-2006 af Jesper

We won against the hungarian clan dsd... every player at least tied his games so very very good playing guys... lets keep it up

Another loss to a Czech Clan

23-07-2006 af Jesper/Barcelona

These are the results of DMT vs. EACZ - we lost 8-12



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ESL Ladder: Fifa International Superstars, Wedneysday 21/6 at 20.00 CET

Current Lineup: BirtheK, Kode-Ole, JBN-ACM, Meogme, Cruzader


ESL CL Qualifier: Linx, Thursday 22/6 at 21.00 CET

Current Lineup: Cruzader, Spez, BirtheK, Meogme, JBN-JUNIOR, Stonie, JBN-ACM


ESL CL Qualifier: x6tence

Thursday 29/6 at 21.00 CET

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